About us

Thank you for checking out the Davis Haus of Style website! You're probably here because you heard about the AVIATOR gauge panel. Well, I'm Joel Davis, creator of the AVIATOR gauge panel. 

Why did I do it? Even at 28 years old, I've loved hot rods and custom cars all my life. I've always been interested in designing and building things, and I've always loved all the different gauges found in classic cars. I designed the AVIATOR panel because I wanted to see a fresh new design incorporated into the dashboard of 1932 Fords, model A's, and more! I'm equally as excited to see what cars these panels will be going in!

I grew up in Minnesota, an avid fan of plastic model kits and the likes of Ed Roth, Gene Winfield, George Barris,  and more recently Mark Moriarity and Dave Shuten. I wanted to be one of those guys!

Now, I live in Florence, Colorado, and in my spare time I work on old Fords, pinstripe cars and art pieces, and dream up new ideas for gauge panels and hot rod accessories, which I will hopefully be producing in the future. 

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think or what else you'd like to see from Davis Haus of Style at www.Facebook.com/davis-haus-of-style